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New Stock 5.5-6m tall Green Leylandii

Now in stock and ready for dispatch are our 5.5-6m tall Green Leylandii in 120 litre pots. These plants are the ultimate in instant hedging! Planted correctly they can easily screen a house straight away. Leylandii also has the advantage of being excellent and blocking sound especially from roadways. The foliage absorbs rather than reflecting Continue reading…

How NOT to get rid of your Leylandii trimmings.

According to a recent BBC article here. Somebody in Wales decided to fly tip their Leylandii trimmings in a field of cows which led to three dying of the poison. So, please don’t fly tip your waste, whatever it is. If you have green waste please recycle it or take it to the tip. Leylandii, Continue reading…

Brand new stock- cost effective Leylandii hedging! 1.25-1.5m

Brand new stock- cost effective hedging! 1.25-1.5m We are proud to be able to add two new lines of hedging plants this Summer! Over the last few years we’ve realised that though many people want an instant effect of hedging plants there are a good few that want plants that are shorter so that they can Continue reading…

Why choose Laurel hedging for your garden?

Sometimes it is tricky to work out what would work best in your garden for hedging. You might think that Green Leylandii is the way to go, or maybe the stately english Yew (Taxus Baccata), or maybe you like the look of the more cost effective privet hedge. All of these might be good options Continue reading…


March 2nd means we are in Spring! Frost, if any, are becoming much milder and snowdrops and daffodils are starting to appear. With the all the plants springing back into life, it’s time to make sure that all the planting you wanted to get done is sorted.

What is the difference between bare root, root ball and pot grown plants?

We’ve added a new answer to a frequently asked question to our ‘Advice’ page.

Yet another happy customer…

We did a job in Weybridge, Surrey on Monday. We planted 30 Yew (Taxus Baccata) at 1.5-1.75m tall between a house and the road to provide low level instant screening.

New Spring offers don’t miss out

Do make sure you head over to our “offers” page and check out what is available. Along with some second quality stock that we are getting rid of exceedingly cheaply there are also standard quality instant hedging plants available including Green Leylandii, Leylandii 2001 and the Castlewellan Gold Leylandii.

Review your experience with English Hedging

As a company we are always looking for feedback from our customers. If you have ordered from us please let us know how you found dealing with us as this will help us to better serve future clients.

Sevenoaks planting job

Here are some pictures of a recently completed hedging job in Sevenoaks, Kent.