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Suppliers of Instant Evergreen Hedging

English Hedging is a family run company selling instant evergreen hedging and trees for a vast variety of needs. Together with our parent company we have been growing for over 25 years, and have been one of the leading online suppliers of instant evergreen hedging for around 10 years (formerly as Transplant Nursery). We have a great deal of experience in the area of hedging and are dedicated to giving you, our customer, the best possible quality for the best possible price.

We are more than happy to provide quotes for both wholesale and retail purchases and welcome enquires for any quantity of plant. Prices are always dependent upon quantities so be sure to mention how many plants you are interested in. We always try to make things that are important to you such as quality, price and service key in our business. Because a vast majority of our stock is grown by ourselves on our 9.5 acre land in Surrey and 60 acres in Somerset, we are able to easily beat prices of other companies that would normally buy in plants from oversees and yet we are able to assure the quality of our plants.

The family has been in the nursery business in England since moving over from Holland just before the WWII and so have accumulated a good deal of knowledge and expertise in what we do. Being small, we also have a great amount of flexibility. Often we can deliver plants within one or two days of the order having been placed.

We will always do our best to provide you with a friendly efficient service. As part of that service we offer planting, and after-planting advice to customers. Our range of plants is growing all the time and we can often supply plants which we do not grow ourselves from other growers in the U.K. and Europe. We can also provide quotes for the planting of hedges bought from us, and delivery services on an order-by-order basis. With a network providing delivery service to much of England, Wales and Scotland – as well as Jersey and more recently France, Holland and Belgium, we are sure to be able to deliver plants to your door in record time.

The fact that we are a Christian company means that we value honesty with you, our customer, very highly. Our commitment to you is that we will always deal fairly with you, whether it is honestly describing our stock, giving you good prices, or making sure to provide you with the best service we can.

Company Distinctives

We pride ourselves on being a cut above our competition in these key ways:

  • We are a small and family run company.This means that we can and will provide an unparalleled personal service throughout the whole enquiry, order, delivery, planting and aftercare process.
  • We only grow a small selection of plants.We have the attitude that we would rather do a small amount but do it really well than do loads badly. We only grow instant evergreen hedging and trees but we like to think we do it really well!
  • We grow all our own stock.We are a nursery rather than a garden centre and because we grow all our own stock we can make sure our prices are really competitive while our quality is also superb!